Writers Round Table

What are you most thankful for as a writer?

Christine M. Fairchild:
Beside my parents encouraging me to be whatever I wanted and always supporting my writing endeavors, at least praise wise, I'm really grateful for my husband, who has made it financially possible for me to write and teach these past few years. Not having to work a "normal" day job is huge. Of course, I was producing lots of writing even when I worked day jobs, because it helped me release tension, but I was miserable. Now I can write and just be happy. I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not or feel like a bird in a cage, which is what jobs felt like to me. So I'm grateful to my husband for giving me more freedom to be authentic.
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Karen Michelle Nutt:
What are you most thankful for as a writer? The readers! Without them my stories would gather dust on the shelves. J

Mariposa Cruz:
 I’m thrilled to be involved in the romance genre. Through the romance biz, I’ve met amazing people in-person and on-line and I’ve learned so much in the process both about the craft and the business. While getting to HEA isn’t always easy in writing or in life, I’ve had a wonderful time writing romance. 


  1. Support from both loved ones and fans can make such a difference. Great post ladies. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Mariposa,

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too!!

  3. Christine, I totally feel your pain and your joy! I was very productive while working full time as well, but also miserable! So glad that's over with! :-) Love your cover. Best wishes for great success!

  4. Hi, Regina!
    Glad those days are behind....my husband, however, is the new whip! He's always nagging whether I've finished book 2 yet. He really "gets it" when it comes to publishing now, but maybe doesn't quite understand the "art" part that takes time! Hee hee :)
    best to you,


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