Author Interview-Janice Godin

Winner of the 2017 Contemporary Romance Award from Books & Benches! "This story is so beautifully written that you can't help but become obsessed with it, especially the parts of the old journal. A story within a story, two fabulous endings, and characters that you will fall in love with." ~ The Artful Reader

"This book is about love and growth, tears and happiness and healing. I was so deeply affected and moved by this story, I had my own laughter and tears." ~ Amazon reviewer  Everyone in Kathleen's life thinks she's crazy when she decides to spend her well-earned summer working in a tiny, dusty attic sorting through old church papers, but the peace and quiet of working alone is exactly what she wants. 

She's back home again and happy, or as happy as anyone who's left behind a troubled past can be. She has amazing coworkers, a wonderful best friend, a supportive family, and not one single person in her life who knows what she's been thr…

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Jeanette Wallis-'The Glass Castle"

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Author Interview-Mary Frame

You’ve heard this story a thousand times. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl have a fake relationship. Then they actually fall in love.
This is not one of those stories. It should be. I mean, he’s Brent Crawford. He’s the new tight end for the New York Sharks. He’s one of the sexiest men alive. But his sponsors are threatening to drop him, and his job is in jeopardy due to allegations of assault. He needs someone to help recover his image.
She’s Gwen McDougall, former fashion model turned photographer and newly minted local hero. She wants more from her photography jobs than premeditated shots of B-list celebutantes, and now is her chance. She just has to agree to help Brent shine up his tarnished reputation.
They’re both young, beautiful, and talented. They would be perfect together. 
Except she can’t stop making out with his brother.
This isn’t a perfect romance. Like most things in life, it’s rather imperfect.
How did the inspiration for this work come to you? The female lead in Picture Imperfect

Dance & the First Draft

"Dance first. Think later. It's the natural order of things." Samuel Beckett

What the Irish author and playwright once said of dancing also applies to writing.  Although I've long ago given myself permission to write an awkward first draft, at times I find myself tinkering with a particular sentence instead of forging ahead to finish the story. Even those of us who "know better" need a gentle reminder sometimes.  After all who am I to argue with a Nobel Prize winner?

Author Interview-Lyz Kelley

Atonement: Riches to rags.A redemption story.
From award-winning author Lyz Kelley comes this heartwarming romance about love, acceptance, and the power of redemption.
After her father is convicted of a crime, Rachelle wants nothing more than to rebuild her life and reputation. The last thing she expects is help from a super-sexy video gamer who's come to her small mountain town looking for inspiration.
But when Jacob asks Rachelle to redesign his vacation home, she has no idea how far she'll fall.
Can he provide her with a soft place to land while she discovers there’s truly no place like home? What inspired you to become a writer? When I was eight, I began writing a story, first in my head, then later in my diary.

The world I dreamed about was big and complex—filled with exotic creatures and brave women and strong heroes. When I turned 40, I tried to translate the story I’d lived with all those years to the page…but couldn’t.
So I sought help. Romance Writers of America was the…

Author Interview-Kellie Coates Gilbert

Kellie Coates Gilbert is one of the amazing writers that I met at the 20 Books to 50K conference in Las Vegas last year. She is as warm and engaging in person as she is online. I’m thrilled to have her as a guest today.
Tender, funny, bittersweet, and wonderfully moving,Sisters celebrates the joys and heartaches that can only be shared by three sisters living in the mountain resort known as Sun Valley, the mistakes made in the name of love and the healing power of new beginnings.
Kellie Coates Gilbert has won readers’ hearts with her compelling and highly emotional stories about women and the relationships that define their lives. A former legal investigator, she is especially known for keeping readers turning pages and creating nuanced characters who seem real. In addition to garnering hundreds of five-star reader reviews on Amazon and other retail sites, Kellie has been described by RT Book Reviews as a “deft, crisp storyteller.” Her books were featured as Barnes & Noble Top Shelf …

It Isn't Easy Being Green

One rainy Saturday night I decided to cook up a bowl of Cincinnati chili and enjoy my own creature double feature-The Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) and The Shape of Water (2017).  While both movies have a distinct styles, they are both visually stunning-Creature debuted as a black & white 3D flick while Water shimmers with color particularly green, the “color of the future” alluded to in the movie.  As the Creature (aka the Gill-man) in the water scenes in the original champion swimmer and diver, Ricou Browning appears to glide effortlessly through the Creature’s watery habitat.
Differences in appearances aside, both films share the same central conflict,The villains in both movies don’t hesitate to drive home their point with a big stick. Creature’s Mark Williams (Richard Denning) always has his harpoon at the ready while Richard Strickland (Michael Shannon) wields a wicked cattle prod. the wonder of scientific discovery vs. the drive of unbridled personal ambition.