Ladies Who Lunch

I don’t know when it became fashionable in the corporate world to skip lunch. I recall a late afternoon meeting in which a C-Suite darling bragged she had made it through the entire day on an apple and a single cup of coffee.  Had that been me, I’m not saying there would have been bloodshed, but there would have been serious bruising.

Besides magic can happen when sharing lunch with a like-minded colleague especially if fresh tortilla chips are on the table. A while back during lunch at Q’doba, I told Regina Duke about two of the stories I had sent to an editor for a romance anthology. She quickly brought me to my senses.

“Get them back from the editor and publish them yourself. You don’t need outside validation,” she insisted. I could hardly argue with retired college professor and USA Best Selling Author especially since my mouth was full. After our lunch I hurried home to retrieve my two stories from the editor and to write what would be the third story in Hot Flash.

A couple of notes on the inspiration behind the Hot Flash stories:
·         Overture-Yes, I’m a former band geek with a weakness for sax players.
·         Room Service, a spicy short featuring Liz and Patrick from Package Deal.

·         Last Friday Night-On occasion I’ve had to borrow my son’s car, a high-mileage, low slung gray sedan, to go out on the town.


  1. Excellent advice from Regina Duke. Those stories sound as though they would be fun.

    1. Maureen, I've learned so much from Regina. I'm thrilled we're friends. Writing my own short story compilation was fun. Thanks for stopping by.


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