All Dressed Up & Somewhere to Go Part II

Besides choosing what to wear, deciding where to go can be one of the greatest challenges in dancing particularly if you’re flying solo. Even if you discover the latest trendy venue there’s nothing worse than cooling your heels at the hottest place in town.  Here are a couple of suggestions to get you out there.

Dance socials
Many dance studios host a monthly/weekly social.  The social begins with a group lesson followed by a couple of hours of open dancing.  Often these events are free to the public as a means of attracting more students for private lessons. Socials are best for beginners, but are also great for experienced dancers to brush up on their skills.

Club lessons
Some of the more savvy venues will host a weekly free dance lesson followed by open dancing.  The inspiration for Package Deal’s Eclipse generally attracts the twenty-something crowd willing to pay the cover charge and for pricey drinks.  On Friday nights at 7:30, this club waives the cover charge for their Latin Dance Social, a one-hour free lesson followed by Latin dancing until around 10:00. The Friday night Salsa crowd spans a broad spectrum of abilities and with the ages ranging from college age to retirement.

Finally, even if you are at the right place and still feel lonely on the sidelines—ask the instructor to dance.  There’s nothing like dancing with an accomplished partner to sharpen your skills.  Besides any instructor who understands the nuances of social dance beyond the basic steps will treat you like a queen.


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