Hot Rods & Huge Monsters

For those who love classic cars, Reno is the place to be during Hot August Nights   Many of the casinos host events from show & shines to drag races.  Around town during a quick run to the store, you might spot a ’67 Corvette or an antique fire engine polished to a high gloss.

An unexpected thunderstorm made it a bad night to cruise the streets, but provided an excellent setting to watch a classic horror flick.  We chose The Giant Gila Monster (1959) which features hot rods, a soda shop even a sock hop.  

Poor Sheriff Jeff—as the lone lawman in a small town in rural Texas-he has two missing teens, several strange auto accidents and no deputy to assist with the investigation.  He enlists the help of Chase Winstead (our hero) a rakish mechanic who loves fast cars, yet is a devoted son who supports his mom and sister.   All the mayhem has been caused by a 50 foot Gila Monster (actually a live Mexican Bearded Lizard).  The film is reminiscent of those teen beach movies of the 50’s with singing and dancing except with no beach and one creepy lizard.

If you’re feeling in need of a 50’s fix and can’t make it to Reno for Hot August Nights, grab your main squeeze and the popcorn and check out The Giant Gila Monster.


  1. The movie sound fabulous! Somehow I missed seeing it before now, but can't pass up a view. Thanks for writing the post !

  2. Ashantay,
    It's a fun film and I was thrilled to have discovered it during Hot August Nights. This film was originally shown as double feature with The Killer Shrews. Thanks for stopping by!


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