Author Interview-Tracey Mayhew

What inspired you to become a writer? To be honest, I’ve always been a writer.One of my earliest stories (when I was about 11) was for a project for school – it was about a mouse called Gizmo who rescued a cat from a house fire!Throughout that year, I revisited those characters again and again writing many stories.Since then, I’ve been inspired by many authors and have enjoyed exploring new worlds and new characters every time I begin a new story. Who are your favorite romance characters (besides your own?) I enjoy reading about any romantic couple that actually challenge each other.I found that dynamic first in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice with Darcy and Elizabeth.Since then I’ve discovered many authors that create a similar dynamic between their couples, the most recent being Kirsty Greenwood, and this is something I try to create with my own characters. Tell me what inspired this story. The idea behind ‘What Happened In Vegas…’ is the basic premise that people make mistakes – th…

Unlimited Summer

"My ideal summer day was reading on the porch." Harold E. Varmus Searching for a sweet romance, a steamy love affair, or an out of this world encounter? Look no further. With 28 books to choose from, all available with a #kindleunlimited subscription, you’re sure to find your next favorite read, or two. Stop by and find a bunch of new stories to enjoy!

Summer Thrills

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” William Shakespeare Can you believe it? In my neighborhood the kids are starting back to school next week. Even though August marks the close of carefree summer days, there’s still plenty of time for a last fling with summer. ❦➹☆ Check out these amazing books at the Romance Book Fair! ☆➹❦ Celebrate Love! With 25 romance books in various sub-genres to choose from, all for the bargain price of 99c each, you’re sure to find your next favorite read or two. Stop by and find a bunch of new stories to enjoy!

13 Ghosts (1960)

I never suffered from Triskaidekaphobiaas some people do. In fact my oldest was born on Friday 13th.Besides what’s not to like about Fridays? Though I might feel differently if I lived in a house with 13 Ghosts.
The film opens with the Zorba family having to leave yet another house due to financial difficulties. When young Buck Zorba wishes for a house with furniture when he blows out his birthday cake candles, he has no idea what his family will be in for. Shortly after Buck’s wish, Uncle Plato Zorba dies leaving his ramshackle fully-furnished mansion to Buck’s family.The house includes a mysterious housekeeper, a hidden fortune and an assortment of ghosts.
By the way if the housekeeper looks familiar to you, she is none other than Margaret Hamilton, the actress best-known for her portrayal of the Wicked Witch of the West in Wizard of Oz.
Though apprehensive of residing in spook central, the Zorba family remains in the house. According to the terms of the will, if they don’t stay i…

Read Like a Local

An attorney couple I once knew decided to treat themselves to a vacation in Turkey after passing the bar. Worn out by their intense legal studies, neither bothered reading up on the country. So they wandered the streets of Istanbul and stared at the buildings wondering what they were seeing.

One of my favorite travel preparations is studying the local guidebooks.While I might not know the whole history of a place, I like to at least know a story or two.Even better than studying the facts of a place is to know its fiction. Though much of Cannery Row had changed since Steinbeck’s time, his stories accompanied me as a wandered the streets.
Thanks to Hometown Reads travelers can get to know the local writing talent.  During its two years of existence, Hometown Reads has garnered 100 locations from Anchorage, Alaska to Tampa Bay, Florida and over 4,000 books. The site is designed so you can browse by genre or by city and provides resources for authors, readers and libraries.
The Reno, NV …

Author Interview-Amber Thielman

Engaged, abducted, and falling for a man accused of murder. From the outside, Kass has it all. She’s on the fast track to medical school and newly engaged to the perfect guy, at least when he's sober. Beaten down by his abuse, Kass turns to cutting, her success hanging on a razor's edge. She impulsively offers a handsome hitchhiker a ride to the next town. Logan seems kind, charming and sexy as hell until he pulls a weapon, forcing her to drive him across the country. Logan has no intention of hurting anyone. Falsely accused of his sister's murder, he's on the run and in a race to find the true culprit. As law enforcement closes in, Kass and Logan forge a deep connection, and Kass must choose between a past she's not even sure she wants anymore or a future that may not outlast the hour.
What inspired you to become a writer? -I’ve been writing stories since the age of thirteen, and even before that I’d sit with my school friends outside during recess telling wild tales …

Author Interview-Janice Godin

Winner of the 2017 Contemporary Romance Award from Books & Benches! "This story is so beautifully written that you can't help but become obsessed with it, especially the parts of the old journal. A story within a story, two fabulous endings, and characters that you will fall in love with." ~ The Artful Reader

"This book is about love and growth, tears and happiness and healing. I was so deeply affected and moved by this story, I had my own laughter and tears." ~ Amazon reviewer  Everyone in Kathleen's life thinks she's crazy when she decides to spend her well-earned summer working in a tiny, dusty attic sorting through old church papers, but the peace and quiet of working alone is exactly what she wants. 

She's back home again and happy, or as happy as anyone who's left behind a troubled past can be. She has amazing coworkers, a wonderful best friend, a supportive family, and not one single person in her life who knows what she's been thr…