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Writers Round Table


Kim Copel-Thin Veil Investigations

Tells us more about Thin Veil Investigators.
Thin Veil Investigators was established in 2005 and is based out of Carson City, NV.   All members have psychic and/or sensitive abilities.  We have conducted investigations from Virginia City, NV to Benton Hot Springs, CA and from Lake Tahoe to Dayton, NV.  Approximately 85% of our investigations are by request.  We are interested in acknowledging and communicating with spirits (people who have passed).  We don’t go in to “banish” or to send spirits to the “light”.  We are there to identify them and help put them at ease, if need be.

How did you get involved in this business?
I met 2 members of “Thin Veil Investigators” at the St. Charles Hotel in Carson City, NV when I was a docent for the Carson City Ghost Walk in 2010.  I kept Sandie LaNae’s card and contacted her to learn more about becoming a “Paranormal Investigator”.  She was very helpful in advising me how to get started and I even purchased her text book “A Ghost Hunter’s Guide”.  E…