Saturday, December 29, 2012

Writers Round Table

What are your goals for 2013?

Christine M. Fairchild

In the Spring of 2013 I plan to be publishing the follow-up to An Eye For Danger, book 2 in my Goliath Conspiracy Series. We are tentatively calling it An Ear For Lies. (Book 3 is called A Thirst For Vengence). I also hope to have 2 more Editor Devil Guides available for authors/editors. My sales goals are hard to gauge from here, as the indie book market is changing month to month. But I hope to be earning enough that my husband can take a break from his job. Or at least an extended vacation! My goal is to set him free so we can travel the world.

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Karen Michelle Nutt

Enjoy life! It’s too short not to.
My characters have been demanding attention so I plan on finishing my WIP! The next story in My Fallen Angels series; write Beau and Ella’s tale (characters from Wanted; and from Magic of the Loch, tell Hyatt’s story.                                                   

Mariposa Cruz

In 2013 I hope to finish two of my WIP (a women’s fiction novel and a contemporary romance on the Reno salsa scene). I’ve enjoyed doing the Writers Round Table this year and I want to continue with those discussions and expand interviews on my blog.   

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kim Copel-Thin Veil Investigations

Tells us more about Thin Veil Investigators.
Thin Veil Investigators was established in 2005 and is based out of Carson City, NV.   All members have psychic and/or sensitive abilities.  We have conducted investigations from Virginia City, NV to Benton Hot Springs, CA and from Lake Tahoe to Dayton, NV.  Approximately 85% of our investigations are by request.  We are interested in acknowledging and communicating with spirits (people who have passed).  We don’t go in to “banish” or to send spirits to the “light”.  We are there to identify them and help put them at ease, if need be.

How did you get involved in this business?
I met 2 members of “Thin Veil Investigators” at the St. Charles Hotel in Carson City, NV when I was a docent for the Carson City Ghost Walk in 2010.  I kept Sandie LaNae’s card and contacted her to learn more about becoming a “Paranormal Investigator”.  She was very helpful in advising me how to get started and I even purchased her text book “A Ghost Hunter’s Guide”.  Eventually she invited me on a Paranormal Investigation at a public venue – The Historic Stewart Indian School in Carson City, NV.  I admired Thin Veil Investigators’ approach to communicating with the spirits, as well as their ethics and their “low tech” approach to investigating.  I wanted to model my techniques after theirs.  I was very comfortable with them.  Eventually I was asked to join Thin Veil Investigators after they got to know me and were comfortable with me, and when an opening came with a team member leaving the group.  Our group is small for 2 reasons.  Spirits do not like to be over-run with a large group of people trying to communicate with them.  Also, we are close-knit and like a family.  A large group is not needed on any investigation.  We like that we are different from other groups….primarily those that have fashioned themselves after popular reality ghost hunting T.V. shows..

Are certain locations more prone to psychic activity than others?
I would have to say “yes, to a certain degree”.  The obvious would be where great tragedy and/or loss of life has occurred.  Native American burial grounds and many western cemeteries seem to have allot of activity, as well.  There is also a theory that certain areas rich in minerals such as Granite, can be very paranormally active.  Then of course there are areas that have allot of history by way of many people coming and going and things changing and growing.  The gold fields of California to the silver mines of Virginia City, NV and everything in-between is a great example of this.

Tell us more about Genoa Historic Ghost Tours.
“Genoa Historic Ghost Tours” was founded in 2011 with the idea that this particular walking tour could be an activity that an entire group or family could enjoy.  There is so much rich and exciting history, and so much beautiful architecture in this historic town, that even if one does not believe in ghosts they will surely enjoy an eventful 2 hours of interesting history and scenery. That being said, it is a very haunted town with at least one or more hauntings to talk about at each location featured.  It is a year-round operation, Friday through Monday of each week – weather permitting in the winter months.  We can even put together a special tour for a group upon request.  I have a background in history and am on the advisory board of the Lake Tahoe Historical Society as well as the Douglas County Historical Society.  I am also the Secretary for the Nevada Division of the National Pony Express Association.  So, you can see that I am very much interested in the accuracy of the history we share.  And, as a paranormal investigator and one who believes in “ghosts”… I would like to learn more from the spirits that reside here in Genoa.  I am very grateful when they “speak up” and help me to fill in the blanks of lost history here in this Town.  I simply enjoy sharing what I have learned about the history of Genoa and the Carson Valley, and it is a bonus that I can do this as a business instead of sitting in an office and having someone else direct my life and tell me what I am going to do each week.

Is there anything you'd like to add?
Yes.  Paranormal Investigation and communicating with “spirits” (who are in actuality people who now exist on a different plain ) should always be conducted with respect.  Treat them as you would treat anyone you conduct business or an interview with.  Say “Please”, “Thank you” and ask “permission” to speak with them or take pictures.

I hope that I honor those that have gone before me and that they are pleased with  the venue In which I’ve chosen to share their stories.

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