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Midnight Mysteries-The House on Telegraph Hill

There are so many amazing classic thrillers out there, I decided to add a new category, Midnight Mysteries. Enjoy! 
The House on Telegraph Hill (1951)
To endure the horrors of the concentration camp, Karin and Victoria dream of a future where Karin is reunited with her son who she sent as an infant to live with her wealthy aunt, Sophie, in San Francisco. Despite Victoria’s vigilant care, Karin perishes.  Victoria leaves the heartbreak of war-torn Poland behind when she assumes Karin’s identity and finds love and an affluent new life in San Francisco.
But anything can happen in a Victorian house with a beautiful blonde governess with a murderous gleam in her eye.  Would the kindly, late Aunt Sophie approve of an imposter mothering her beloved grand-nephew? Even in the land of the free, Victoria doesn’t know where to turn or whom to trust.
The film opens with a panoramic view of San Francisco filmed from the top of Coit Tower. Most of the film was shot on location and the City is truly…

Undercover at Stanalei Fletcher's Blog

Did you know that the original title of  Ian Fleming's "Moonraker" was "Mondays Are Hell"?

While I'm not thrilled with Mondays, I love spies and novels of intrigue. That's why I'm excited to chatting about Package Deal at fellow Wild Rose Press author Stanalei's Fletcher's blog today.  For more intrigue about Stanalei  and her latest release, Dead Reckoning check out the following posts: Mariposa's MusingsCreate on the Side

Hope to see you there!