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Working with Less Distractions

If you tell your kids to only interrupt you for emergencies while you’re working, then every problem from lost socks to stubbed toes escalates into a crisis requiring a platoon of Marines and your full attention.
Sometimes you’re better off hearing the latest grievance than explaining that you’re busy. However, after the 5th interruption calmly remind them that since they are taking away from your time, you will take time away from them-less time with a favorite video game or an earlier bedtime.
Most kid-related problems arise out of boredom. The next time Junior appears eager to tattle on little sister ask if he has cleaned the cat box or picked up after the dog. You can also suggest cleaning the toilet or catching up on homework if you don’t have a pet. This technique also works well if you are plagued with calls from home at your day job. The interruptions should slow down once the kids figure out that interrupting you results in more chores for them.