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Sat Shifters-MTV's Teen Wolf

As a mother of two, I get enough teen drama without watching it on the small screen.While my daughter, a devotee fan of teenage serial drama, claims she is not keen on the supernatural.However, when MTV’s Teen Wolf is on, we grab the popcorn and head straight for the couch.The MTV series has a darker, edgier tone than the 1985 Michael J. Fox movie According to director, Russell Mulcahy, the mantra during filming revolved around 3 s-words “scary, sexy and surprising”.As if the daily trauma of high school wasn’t enough, Scott McCall, has to contend with the savage inclinations of his beastly self.Complicating matters is the fact his beloved Allison’s father is a hunter sworn to kill werewolves and his fellow werewolf and mentor, Derek Hale, is glowering loner driven to avenge his family (though I admit I wouldn’t mind basking in his smoldering glare). While cloaked with the mysterious aura of the paranormal, the actions of the characters are realistic. When Scott protests that his gr…

Spotlight on Howl

I'm visiting Jennifer Jakes' blog today. Hope to see you there!