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Author Interview-Lilly Gayle


Hot Rods & Huge Monsters

For those who love classic cars, Reno is the place to be during Hot August Nights Many of the casinos host events from show & shines to drag races.Around town during a quick run to the store, you might spot a ’67 Corvette or an antique fire engine polished to a high gloss.
An unexpected thunderstorm made it a bad night to cruise the streets, but provided an excellent setting to watch a classic horror flick.We chose The Giant Gila Monster (1959) which features hot rods, a soda shop even a sock hop.
Poor Sheriff Jeff—as the lone lawman in a small town in rural Texas-he has two missing teens, several strange auto accidents and no deputy to assist with the investigation.He enlists the help of Chase Winstead (our hero) a rakish mechanic who loves fast cars, yet is a devoted son who supports his mom and sister. All the mayhem has been caused by a 50 foot Gila Monster (actually a live Mexican Bearded Lizard).The film is reminiscent of those teen beach movies of the 50’s with singing and …

Author Interview-Mary Vine