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Chatting with C.R. Moss

I had the pleasure of meeting C.R. Moss in person at the TWRP's Writer's Retreat last year. She's from Vegas, I'm from Reno and we met in Bandera, TX. Go figure. I'm visiting her blog today and chatting about Howl. Hope to see you there.

2011 TMCC Writer's Conference

This is my 4th year attending the TMCC Writer’s Conference and I’m always amazed at what the conference delivers for the price ($99) and this year was no exception.Like many community colleges, TMCC has been hit hard by the economy, the fact that the college ran the conference with its highestattendance ever is a miracle. Writer and KUNR Broadcaster, David Stipech, opened with a discussion on the writer’s journey.He noted a couple of key points to a writer’s reality check.·Do you know what you want out of writing?·Are your setbacks motivating you or stopping you?“No” should be a street sign not a stop sign.I especially liked his comment that it is okay to feel frustration-people without ambition seldom feel frustrated.Editor for Writer’s Digest books, Chuck Sambuchino advised writers to approach markets and agents that are small, new or local.He urged writers write to articles for magazines and local papers to establish credentials and to make contacts.This year the conference feat…

Interview with Susan Hanniford Crowley

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Please join me in welcoming Susan Hanniford Crowley. Tell me about yourself.How long have you been writing? I’m married and have grown children.I have a dog named Pete and two cats Bella and Buffy.I’ve been writing since I was eight years old, published a poem in a local newspaper when I was 16, and in 1989 published my first novella “Ladyknight.”I was in science fiction and fantasy for a long time, until a friend brought it to my attention that I should write romance.When I started reading paranormal romance, I completely fell in love with the genre.I’ve been published in romance since 2009. What advice do you have for aspiring writers? Read a lot.Be bold.Attend a writer’s conference put on by a chapter of the Romance Writers of America, because the practical educational benefit is astounding.Their workshops are not only for romance writers.If you’ve in Connecticut, register for Fiction Fest (May 14th) at’s the best…