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On the Road Again

I'm chatting about Howl today at Romance Under Moonlight. Don't you love that title? Steph Burkhart was a guest on Saturday Shifters last week and she graciously invited me to visit her blog. Hope to see you there!

Interview with Stephanie Burkhart

MARIPOSA: I'd like to welcome author Stephanie Burkhart to the blog. Tell me a little about yourself. How long have you been writing? STEPH: Thanks for having me here today, Mariposa. Growing up I was a young girl in the 1970's hooked on the Electric Company. Nothing beat visiting my grandmother's house in the spring and hanging out with the lilacs. I grew up in New Hampshire and when I turned 18 I decided I wanted a great adventure and joined the Army. I served a total of 11 years and 7 in Germany with the Military Police. Now, I'm settled in California with my husband of 19 years and I've been a 911 dispatcher for LAPD for 11 years. I got into seriously writing when I left the military in 1997. My first book, written under my pen name SG Cardin, was called "Destination: Berlin. It was set in Germany in 1988 and is a sweet romance. It's been well received, but lacks sales I think because the setting has a military backdrop. That was in 2001. I worked hard t…