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Classic Horror Movie Review- Dead Men Walk

Dead Men Walk (1943)
“You creatures of the light how can you say with any certainty what dwells in the oceans of the night.”  Eerie declaration by disembodied head in the fire during opening credits.
Kindly Dr. Lloyd Clayton (George Zucco) has secretly murdered his evil twin brother, Elwyn Clayton (also played by George Zucco) to protect the town from Elwyn’s sorcery.  Unfortunately, Elwyn is more of a master of the dark arts than his brother anticipated. Elwyn returns from the dead intent on revenge by enslaving their niece, Gayle (Mary Carlisle) for eternity.
This movie has some interesting similarities to a latter vampire flick, Black Sunday which also opens with the murder of a sibling. Asa is executed by her own brother for witchcraft. Both movies have the lead playing dual roles of hero/vampire.  In "Black Sunday" Barbara Steele portrayed wicked Asa and her innocent descendent Katia.  While both movie villains faithfully follow the vampire genre (coffin dwelling and cr…

On the Road Again

One of the things I loved best about taking my kids trick or treating is going to the neighbors' houses and getting a peek inside--some had a full view of the living room with a warm fire in the hearth, others offered only a glimpse of an antique coat rack or winding staircase.

Today I'm chatting about Package Deal at Rebecca Grace's blog with a hint about the next title in the Rhythm & Romance series. I love visiting authors' on-line homes (without the dark, chilly walk).
I'm happy to report Rebecca will be a guest on my blog on November 7th.  Hope to see you there!

Author Interview-Casi McLean

Note from Mariposa, The original post had to be deleted and re-posted due to formatting problems. Personally I think gremlins are to blame.  Special thanks to Casi for her patience with the technical difficulties.
A ghost town submerged beneath Atlanta's famous man-made Lake Lanier reportedly lures victims to a watery grave. But when Lacey Montgomery's car spins out of control and hurtles into the depths of the icy, black water, she awakens in the arms of a handsome stranger, in a place she’s never heard of––
34 years before she was born. When the 2012 lawyer tangles with the 1949 hunk, fire and ice swirl into a stream of sweltering desire. Bobby Reynolds is smitten the moment the storm-ravaged woman opens her eyes. Learning the truth about her origins does nothing to stop the passion from taking root in his heart, and leaves him torn between finding a way to help Lacey return to 2012 or convincing her stay with him. The desperation to find her way home dissolves as Lacey fall…

Author Interview-Casi McLean-Please see next post


Cooking Up Some Magic

As much as I love to cook, I hate trying to figure out what's for dinner. That's why I'm thrilled to be one of the 88 authors featured in We'd Rather Be Writing, a compilation of recipes and writing tips.

Both the recipes and tips are designed to give you more time to pursue your passion (like finishing your current WIP!) If you pre-order, your copy will be waiting for you on your Kindle by October 30th just in time to stock up on some quick dinner recipes before the holiday rush.

I haven't yet heard when the paperback version will be available, but will keep you posted.

Author Interview-Isla Grey

What inspired you to become a writer? You know, I don’t remember a particular event.  I remember writing as a young girl so I guess it’s always been in my blood.  Of course, when I was smaller, it was mainly writing some pretty bad poems for my grandmother.
Who are your favorite romance characters (besides your own?) I love old school romance.  Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester from “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte come to mind as well as the main character from “Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier.  Oh, there’s also Allie and Duke from “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks.
Tell me what inspired this story. The idea for Asylum Harbor came from a family vacation to the beach where we visited Shell Island.  Yes, this place actually exists but no one lives there.  Vacationers like to visit during low tide to grab seashells and sand dollars.
What is one of your favorite romantic locales? The beach is one of my favorites.  Definitely Williamsburg, VA—the colonial section.  I love walking Duke of Gloucester d…

Hanging Out At the Haunted Diner

Legend has it that if you stare into a mirror at midnight on Halloween, you will see your future spouse. I love all the legends and lore surrounding Halloween.

While I can't say whether you'll see your future husband in a midnight mirror, I can tell you'll see some great authors at Kate Hill's blog (including yours truly!)  Her haunted diner is to die for!!
And be sure to stop by on November 21st when she'll be a guest here.

Happy Haunting!