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Author Interview-Lyz Kelley

Atonement: Riches to rags.A redemption story.
From award-winning author Lyz Kelley comes this heartwarming romance about love, acceptance, and the power of redemption.
After her father is convicted of a crime, Rachelle wants nothing more than to rebuild her life and reputation. The last thing she expects is help from a super-sexy video gamer who's come to her small mountain town looking for inspiration.
But when Jacob asks Rachelle to redesign his vacation home, she has no idea how far she'll fall.
Can he provide her with a soft place to land while she discovers there’s truly no place like home? What inspired you to become a writer? When I was eight, I began writing a story, first in my head, then later in my diary.

The world I dreamed about was big and complex—filled with exotic creatures and brave women and strong heroes. When I turned 40, I tried to translate the story I’d lived with all those years to the page…but couldn’t.
So I sought help. Romance Writers of America was the…