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Interview with Karen Michelle Nutt

I'm pleased to introduce intrepid writer and traveler, Karen Michelle Nutt. Her Moon Shifter was released this week by The Wild Rose Press

Which literary shapeshifter (besides your moon shifters) do you like best?

Lucien Andrakkar, a dragon shapeshifter with violet eyes and a fiery temper that you don’t want to provoke. He’s a character in Kendra Leigh Castle’s books. In Dark Highland Fire you meet his character for the first time. He’s actually the evil character they want to defeat, but something happens and you learn more about Lucien and why he’s acting out they way he is.
When the reader can actually feel empathy for the bad guy, that’s great writing. In Wild Highland Castle, he is back and has the chance to redeem himself. Lucien was one of the secondary characters, but I fell in love with the shapeshifter and found myself rooting for him to find happiness.

What was your inspiration for the Mac Tire clan?
I read about the intriguing werewolf tales…

What's Cooking

Though the release date is TBD on Howl (I'm working on the final round of edits), check out my Tuxedo Chili recipe in the 2009 Garden Gourmet. The cookbook features recipes from authors of The Wild Rose Press and is available spiralbound or as a download. So whip up a batch of chili and free up your autumn afternoons to curl up with a good book (or wrap up your next round of edits!)

Enlightenment for 19.95 or Less

While writers agree that classes are a valuable source of professional development, for many spending hundreds of dollars to attend a writing retreat is too high a price for inspiration. Also there's the challenge of explaining to your significant other that you're leaving him/her with the kids, chores and pets for the entire weekend while you commune with the muse.
Much of the value in seminars is the opportunity to learn tips of the trade from published writers. Through attending book signings, I’ve found much insight can be gained in about an hour’s time for less than $20.00. I’ve even attended book signings with a child in tow which ups the initial investment at the cost of another book or a post-book store milkshake. Have a few key questions in mind as you hand over your book for signing. If you happen to stop by during a lull, you can extend the interview.
Avoid the multiple question approach with a well-known author, particularly if there is a long line behind you.…

Time & Space

Usually when I tell people I write, they ask, “Where do you find time?” With two busy teens and a fulltime job, I have had to resort to stealing, grabbing a few stolen minutes while my loved-ones are otherwise preoccupied. My prime writing time is on weekend mornings, not because I’m an early bird but because the rest of the household is either asleep or taking their morning shower.
With all due respect to Virginia Woolf if I waited for a room of my own I would be stuck with a mind full of stories and a ream of blank paper. Lacking my own private study, I have written on the bus, in my car (parked of course) and in any vacant room in my house. You might not have the luxury of “seizing the day” but you are certainly entitled to every moment you can grab.