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Author Interview-Mary Frame


All Dressed Up & Somewhere to Go

Wardrobe Tips for Dancing
While Latin dances are inherently sexy, you can still look hot without straying too far outside your comfort zone. Remember that unlike other dress-up places like the office, you’re going to be moving. Shoes If you’re going to dance on a regular basis or are taking lessons, dance shoes are a worthwhile investment, especially considering the expense of a turned ankle or a wrecked knee. Dance shoes are designed for comfort and easy movement. If the idea of dancing on spiky heels makes you anxious, look for shoes with a Cuban heel. Dresses vs Pants Either is fine—pants or leggings paired with a sparkly top can be as sexy as a slinky dress.If the club is new to you, check the dress code before you slip into your favorite jeans.Whatever you decide, your clothes should allow you to move easily.As Joan Rivers once said, “Just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits.” Bling I favor sparkly bracelets that are either elastic or chain link so they lay flat on my wrist, they…

Invitation to Dance