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Interview with Keta Diablo

Please join me in welcoming Keta Diablo.Leave a comment for an opportunity to win a copy of Where the Rain is Made! Where do you get the inspirations for your books? Keta: This is such a great question and once I’m asked often. Many of my ideas come from dreams, vivid dreams. And the others come from surfing the Net or research I’ve done in the past. I’m here today to talk about Where The Rain Is Made, a time-travel/shapeshifter themed around the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers. When my youngest son was 12, he took a sudden and intense interested in Native American history. I have no idea why. One tribe he seemed particularly drawn to was the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers. We spent endless hours at the library searching for books about this fierce tribe of the plains and together we read many articles about them. The Dog Soldiers had a very colorful past and a very tragic ending, as did most of the Native American tribes in US history. Dylan’s obsession with the Dog Soldiers lasted several years and I b…

Getting Cozy for Valentines Day!

Come visit me at The Cozy Page today as I start off Amber Leigh Williams' 20 Questions Valentine Event. Hope to see you there!