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Midnight Mysteries-Laura (1944)

I imagine between the schedule and facing the dark side of humanity on a daily basis that it would be difficult for a NYC detective to meet that someone special.  Under her portrait’s mesmerizing gaze while reading her diary, Detective Mark McPherson falls for a beautiful, quick-witted woman during a murder investigation. Unfortunately, the lovely Laura Hunt happens to be the victim.
The true star of the movie is the dialogue.  Laura’s mentor, newspaper columnist, Waldo Lydecker, has a rapier wit and he’s fond of skewering the unwary.  Writers will be intrigued by Lydecker’s writing desk, a typewriter perched over a spa-sized bathtub.
“I’m not kind. I’m vicious it’s the secret of my charm.”  Waldo Lydecker
“In my case, self-absorption is completely justified. I have never discovered any subject so worthy of my attention.” Waldo Lydecker
McPherson: [Regarding the list of suspects] “You know you’re on this list too.” Lydecker: “Good. It would insult me to be overlooked.”
“I can afford …