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Some Like It Hot

In celebration of the publication of Hot Flash, the production team shares their favorite hot stuff. These multi-talented ladies worked with me on “Package Deal” and I’m thrilled to work with them again.
Stevie DeInk-Formatting In addition to formatting, Stevie also does graphic design. My Vampire Wedding is one of her recent covers.
If you're looking for a hot vacation spot, definitely check out Hawaii. Sand and sun are in no short supply. You can tour, take helicopter rides, attend luaus, and also check out your island of choice's array of restaurants. Not to mention the endless stretches of beach that you can lounge about on if you so choose. (And don't forget the swimming!) But be aware of the wind- it gets a bit wild at times.
Harris Channing-Cover Design Besides doing cover design Harris is also a romance author.
Hot....a sunny summer day.  Hot...a steaming plate of food.  Hot...a beautiful person.  Hot...a raging fire... So much hot, so little time. 
But what's my fav…