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Interview with Karen Michelle Nutt

I'm pleased to introduce intrepid writer and traveler, Karen Michelle Nutt. Her Moon Shifter was released this week by The Wild Rose Press

Which literary shapeshifter (besides your moon shifters) do you like best?

Lucien Andrakkar, a dragon shapeshifter with violet eyes and a fiery temper that you don’t want to provoke. He’s a character in Kendra Leigh Castle’s books. In Dark Highland Fire you meet his character for the first time. He’s actually the evil character they want to defeat, but something happens and you learn more about Lucien and why he’s acting out they way he is.
When the reader can actually feel empathy for the bad guy, that’s great writing. In Wild Highland Castle, he is back and has the chance to redeem himself. Lucien was one of the secondary characters, but I fell in love with the shapeshifter and found myself rooting for him to find happiness.

What was your inspiration for the Mac Tire clan?
I read about the intriguing werewolf tales…