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Writers Round Table

When you’ve had crisis in your life, how do you get your writing back on track? Karen Michelle Nutt Writing is an escape for me. So when a crisis hits, disappearing into my characters’ lives gives me a break from reality. And if that doesn’t work, sometimes just chatting on the yahoo groups or Facebook gives me a break from pressing matters. J It’s a step back, relax and recharge. For more about Karen Michelle Nutt:

Christine Fairchild Daydreaming. Seriously, I need a couple days with no agenda when I can lie in bed and stare at the ceiling for hours, just letting my mind drift and think of characters. If I can't get that, then my walks with my dog are "drift" time. Often when life is stressful--and with so many family ailments and injuries and hospitalizations this past year, life has been a doozy!-- I hold tight to the hands of many of my characters. When I'm in bed at night, they are the ones I visit for imaginati…