Some Like It Hot

In celebration of the publication of Hot Flash, the production team shares their favorite hot stuff. These multi-talented ladies worked with me on “Package Deal” and I’m thrilled to work with them again.

Stevie DeInk-Formatting
In addition to formatting, Stevie also does graphic design. My Vampire Wedding is one of her recent covers.

If you're looking for a hot vacation spot, definitely check out Hawaii. Sand and sun are in no short supply. You can tour, take helicopter rides, attend luaus, and also check out your island of choice's array of restaurants. Not to mention the endless stretches of beach that you can lounge about on if you so choose. (And don't forget the swimming!) But be aware of the wind- it gets a bit wild at times.

Besides doing cover design Harris is also a romance author.

Hot....a sunny summer day.  Hot...a steaming plate of food.  Hot...a beautiful person.  Hot...a raging fire...
So much hot, so little time. 

But what's my favorite definition?
Hmmm, not so easy...I'd have to say my favorite hot is when my husband comes home from work with flowers for me.  Or when I rest my head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat.  Or the warm blush that touches my cheek when he tells me how much he still loves me...

We have been married for twenty years now and I'd have to say our hot love affair is my very favorite form of hot.  I suppose that's why I've chosen to write romance with happily ever after because to me there's nothing hotter than true love and devotion....

Marian also writes romance as Colleen Ladd. Her next release, “The Duke’s Despair” is due out in June 2015.

I’ve never found conventionally attractive men hot. Buff bodies, yes – broad shoulders and chests, muscled arms and legs, yes indeed. Or leave aside the visible muscles, but keep the power – strength enough to save someone by main force if necessary, but also strength in personality. Beautiful, strong bodies and spirits are incredibly attractive, incredibly hot. But pretty-boy faces are just that – boys. Give me the rugged man, the lived-in face, the eyes that have seen things. Give me scruff and a strong, square face lined with character. And with that lived-in face, give me a lived-in soul. A man who hasn’t always made the right choices, perhaps one who hasn’t always been certain what the right choices are. A hero who does good because he is good is… boring, just as a conventionally handsome face is rather boring. A conflicted hero, or even an anti-hero, who does good despite not being good… now you’ve got it. You’ve set the bar higher and made his protection of someone else, his care and concern and love, mean far more than it would if it was done simply because it was the right thing. Now he’s someone to find interesting, to find very (very) hot.

Mariposa Cruz-Author
Whether it’s a stroll on the sands of Barbados or a cruise along the NĂ¡ Pali coast, the sarong is my go-to-garment when temperatures rise.  With a simple twist, a sarong can transform you from sopping wet to smokin’ hot.

Unlike more complicated lingerie with hooks and underwires, the sarong is easy to slip into (and out of). Sarongs are favored by my lady shifter characters. Check out Roar and you’ll see why.

One of the rare women’s garments that truly “one-size-fits all”, the sarong provides the flow of a dress without the fuss. I’d rather be barefoot in a sarong instead of skirt and stilettos any day. Isn’t a woman most sexy when she’s at ease?


  1. LOOKS GREAT! Thanks for including me in your wonderful project!

  2. Harris, Marian & Stevie,
    It was a pleasure working with all of you on Hot Flash. Thanks for coming to the release party! Looking forward to working together on the next project!


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