Classic Horror Movie Review- Dead Men Walk

“You creatures of the light how can you say with any certainty what dwells in the oceans of the night.”  Eerie declaration by disembodied head in the fire during opening credits.

Kindly Dr. Lloyd Clayton (George Zucco) has secretly murdered his evil twin brother, Elwyn Clayton (also played by George Zucco) to protect the town from Elwyn’s sorcery.  Unfortunately, Elwyn is more of a master of the dark arts than his brother anticipated. Elwyn returns from the dead intent on revenge by enslaving their niece, Gayle (Mary Carlisle) for eternity.

This movie has some interesting similarities to a latter vampire flick, Black Sunday which also opens with the murder of a sibling. Asa is executed by her own brother for witchcraft. Both movies have the lead playing dual roles of hero/vampire.  In "Black Sunday" Barbara Steele portrayed wicked Asa and her innocent descendent Katia.  While both movie villains faithfully follow the vampire genre (coffin dwelling and craving for human blood) you won’t see even the hint of a fang in either movie.

Fun facts:
This 64 minute black & white film was shot in 6 days.
George Zucco served in the British army during World War I
“Dead Men Walk” was Mary Carlisle’s last film. She retired from movies shortly after getting married.

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