Highlights from TMCC Writers' Conference

TMCC Writers’ Conference Highlights
This is third year I’ve attended the Truckee Meadows Community College Writers’ Conference(http://wdce.tmcc.edu . In its 20th year, the TMCC Writers’ Conference once again delivered the right blend of market perspective, writing tools and inspiration. The 1-day conference featured 8 speakers including 3 literary agents and 1 E-publisher and had a turnout of about 150 participants.
Smashwords founder, Mark Coker noted 3.6 million people have downloaded Stanza, a free e-book app for the iTouch. He declared “Mobile phones are the unsung heroes of the e-book revolution. http://www.smashwords.com.
I was fortunate to chat with TWRP author, Leigh Bale, www.LeighBale.com during one of the breaks. A gracious lady in person and on stage, Leigh delivered an intriguing presentation on the use of an intangible villain such as a character’s inner conflict or external forces such as natural disasters, war or time.
Mystery novelist and POD specialist, Don Meyer recommended editing chapters out-of-sequence www.dpmeyer.com . By reading your work in chronological order it is easy to get caught up in the story and miss something.
Literary agent and author, Sheree Bykofsky http://www.sheree.bee.com recommended writers learn the industry with a field trip to the local bookstore –find out which books are in the prime real estate sections (front of store and end caps) which ones are buried in the back. Check the titles on the shelf where your book would reside. What distinguishes your book from the competition?
Even more amazing about this conference was the price, $99.00 for a whole-day seminar. One-on-one appointments with individual speakers were available for an additional cost. With such an abundance of information it was tough to narrow it down to a few key tips for this post. For writers who live within driving distance to Reno, I would highly recommend this conference.


  1. Sounds like a great conference.
    I love the smaller conferences, they are more personal and you can actually talk to editors and agents and find out if your a fit or not.


  2. Dawn,

    I agree smaller conferences are better for meeting people.

    What has impressed me about the TMCC conference is their line-up of speakers. This year's speakers included a YA agent, a non-fiction agent from San Francisco and an East Coast literary agent.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great info, Mariposa. Wish our local colleges would provide something similar. I wonder whether cell phones will impact ebooks. I know Japan loves cell phone books, but they're more short bursts of text rather than continuous stories. I'd take Don Meyer's advice a step further and say have a critique partner (or several!) read it too.


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