Author Interview-Regina Duke

Cassie Skyler is alone in the world, except for her BFF and a building full of tenants she cannot evict. She's looking for Mr. Right. Will she find him at a vampire fan convention? Her parents hid that part of their lives from her until the day they died. It turns out that's not all they kept from her.

Bear Laco is a vampire working for the Collection Agency. His main mission: locate and register any remaining illegal portals between Earthside and Vampside. So why has he been ordered to investigate Cassie? To make matters worse, he can't afford to fall in love with a human being. Not again.

About the author:

Regina Duke is a USA Today Bestselling Author living in Northern Nevada with three charming little dogs and hundreds of imaginary characters compelling her to write more stories. She writes sweet romance, and her bestselling series Colorado Billionaires is now available in a boxed set. In May she released her first paranormal, My Vampire Wedding. Regina’s books are full of humor and always have a happy ending!

Q:      Why the switch from sweet romance to paranormal?

A:      It’s not so much a switch as it is an expansion of interests. Like most authors, I read across the spectrum. I’m very fond of Mariposa Cruz’s paranormals, and decades ago I fell in love with Anne Rice’s vampires. But they were very dark and sinister. My writing is always happy and fun. So my vampires are quite a bit different from hers.

Q:      How do you come up with your characters?

A:      I don’t want to sound like a mental case, (ha, ha!) but characters introduce themselves to me and start telling me about their lives and their worlds. I actually wrote other paranormals before going indie, but when my Colorado Billionaires series became so popular, I wanted to keep providing more books for my fans in that universe. Eventually, I plan to write more in the vampire universe, but for now, consider it a fun romp with a happy ending.

Q:      Some reviewers have called this novel a refreshing twist on vampire tales. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

A: Well, they gave me 5 stars, so that’s a good thing. (Ha, ha!) But truth be told, I love everything about vampires except that icky blood sucking part. So my vampires come to Earth through special transdimensional portals in search of something else that humans can provide. Of course, humans smell so luscious, some of them can’t help but taste what they’re missing. And when they do, they can easily become addicted. The Collection Agency regulates the donor/vampire relationship, looks out for vamps addicted to blood, and guards the portals to keep other vampires from swooping in and dining on the human population of Earth.

Q:      Anything else you want to share with us?

A:      Once you read My Vampire Wedding don’t be afraid to dive into my Colorado Billionaires series! Fill your heart with sweet romance!


  1. Hi Regina,
    One of the great things about writing paranormal is that it opens up so many possibilities to toy with reality. I'm looking forward to seeing more stories from Cassie's universe. Thanks for joining us today!


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