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What inspires your stories?You know that is the one question I dread answering as an author. Ask me on my characters, stories, upcoming attractions but ask me what inspires something and I am at a loss. Well I take that back…not exactly a loss but it is hard for me to get the right words to explain what inspires me.
Everything inspires me…a news article, passing snatch of a song on a radio, heck something that may have happened in my life. All is up for fodder for ideas and yes, I do use creative license to make them a tad bit more interesting *grins*.
I think writing a new story is like making a new recipe. You have a dash of this, a dash of that…stir it all up and add in some yummy bits to make something so decadent, you want more.
For my Devon Falls series, I used a combination of my home town and my former places of employment to create the town of paranormals. Each time I wrote a Devon Falls book, it grew and more characters popped up to clamor for a story. For example, my hometown has a candy shop where I actually knew the owner and his family who made and sold these yummy treats. That was the basis of Sticky Magic and then it grew. I seem to add to it each time I go back to Devon Falls and frankly I like adding to it but dang if it isn’t hard to keep up. At this time I have five books written and currently available (fifth book comes out in December 2011) and the final five books will be out late-2012/2013.
For my Space Pirates Series, I read a science article online on what would happen to the Earth if there was a freak Gamma Explosion that hit us and of course, it helped I was watching Johnny Depp play Captain Jack *grins*, that my Space Pirates were born. Creating a new series where the skies the limit has been exciting yet I research constantly to make sure I get the science right.
Another series is based on my fascination of the BDSM world and the many stories I read about it lately. Club Fantasy series is a paranormal, of course, with two very hot co-owners and lovers. This series is pure imagination but the question of “What if you stepped in this club and found a side of you that you never knew existed?” fascinated me and had me thinking ideas. This was intriguing and the basis of Desires Unleashed was born with a heroine who finds her falling for two very different men that leave her panting for more.
Then there is a brand new series coming that I call Destined Mates. It takes the questions “What happens when fate decides who your mate is and it’s not the person you expect?” and I turn it on its ear with a paranormal angle. The first book, Bewitched by Destiny, is about a cranky were-panther who finds his life turned upside down when the mating mark hits him and his fated mate is none other the witch next door…the aggravating woman who loves to spell his mailbox to explode each week over so me imagined slight. I love playing with this series because the ideas are endless.
My muse is a nut that likes to leave me hanging and keeps me jumping with ideas. With each story a little bit of me goes in there and frankly that is how I like it.
So what inspires me? Why everything and anything, dear reader. I hope to continue entertaining you in the future with more books and steamy fun.
Raine Delight loves to be pampered by her harem of men that exist solely for her pleasure. Wait…..that was in a movie she saw. Hey, she can dream. J Raine loves to fight with her muse, attack her manuscripts and find a way to silence the many voices in her head. Inspiration hits at odd times and for Raine, a blank word document page gives her many possibilities on story ideas. Living with her two kids, a significant other who supports her every move in writing and doesn’t seem to mind she gets up at 2 am to type away on the computer. With a love for Johnny Depp, movies and 80’s hair bands, Raine finds a way to bring all her chaotic thoughts into a story that tells her readers about love and romance.

Raine, thanks for visiting today. Devon Falls sounds intriguing! For more about Raine—check out her sites.
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Newest release~ Haunting Magic (Devon Falls 4)
Available at Secret Cravings Publishing
Coming soon to Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook and Are
Paranormal/Wolf Shifter, Contemporary Erotic Romance
Buy at www.secretcravingspublishing.com
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A wolf shifter finds that falling in love is the least of his problems when the woman he is destined to be with is none other the one woman who won’t melt when he pulls out the charm. Can he show Jaxon that falling in love with him is the best part of living?

Rodrick Dracon is the twin heir to the Dragon Inn. When he finds himself longing for a mate after being footloose and fancy free, he finds himself drawn to the most obnoxious, brassy woman he has ever met: Jaxon Sinclair. She is the one woman who doesn't melt when he goes by or hangs on his every word. Jaxon is just aggravating and downright sexy as sin! Soon the sparks fly, passion goes into boiling and Halloween approaches. Can this wolf shifter get this woman to heel before the full moon? Will Jax turn the tables on this ladies man and tame the wolf?

He looked even better close up though she damn well wasn’t going to tell him that. He had a swelled head as it was, considering all the honeybees that swarmed all over him. She mentally gathered her defenses. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought she was in lust with Rodrick, impossible as seemed from the way they sniped at each other. Shaking her head slightly, she felt his gaze move to her and heard his startled breath as she walked up to the porch.
“Hey, Rod, slow night?” Jax asked. Her eyes drank in the way his muscles bunched under his t-shirt. She felt her stomach clench, though it could have been the anticipation of food that waited inside the dark mahogany doors. The way he was watching her had her nerves on edge. She didn’t know what the hell his problem was, but Jax was determined to get in and out with her order before Rod pushed her buttons. She just was not up to dealing with him tonight.
“Yeah, seems everyone is getting ready for the Halloween costume dance tomorrow. What are you up to tonight? Got a dinner date?” Rod growled at her, his eyes shining with a glow that almost made Jax take a step back before she caught herself. Shaking her head, she said, “What the hell is wrong with you tonight? I was going to have dinner with Grady, but he got short-staffed and had to cover tonight. I just wanted to see if I can grab a take out from your mom.” Jax marveled at how normal it was between them. Though she thought the hair on his arms bristled at the thought of her on a date, it probably was her imagination. Rod wasn’t interested in her, just the ones who wanted a good time and an easy lay.
“I am sure my mom would love to give you something since everyone knows you can burn water without even trying.” The smile that tugged at his lips had her eyes go wide then narrow in annoyance.
“What the hell would you know about cooking, you jackass? I bet you couldn’t make something if your life depended on it,” she sneered. Her hands closed into fists and she was tempted to smack him for being so damn annoying. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought there was a smile lingering on his smug face.
“Oh, are you challenging me, Jax? Can’t take the fact that I may actually know something you don’t? Want to take that to a test?” Rod leaned forward, stroked a finger down her nose, and said softly, “Afraid that maybe I can do something that will make you readjust your opinion of me?”


  1. Your series' sound intriguing and interesting Raine. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for having me here today. :)

    Thanks Calisa. I hope you check out my books.

    Raine Delight

  3. You sound like me on the inspiration front. It's pretty much anything goes. :) And I love shifters!

  4. Isn't it amazing the things that grab u for inspiration? Great article, Raine. Loved the excerpts....Good luck with ur new releases....Tabs

  5. Lovely interview! Sorry I'm late to the party. I took a day off to do a crafts class!

    Can't wait to check out your books. :-)

    Regina Duke

  6. GREAT Interview, Raine! Loved that excerpt, too!

    Hugs, Kari Thomas, www.authorkari.com


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