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How do you cope with set-backs?

Jannine Gallant You have to develop a thick skin to be a writer. Rejection letters are a given. So are sales so low you wonder why you even bother. I take a breath and get back to work. You can’t sell books if you don’t write them. Knowing I’ve created stories that received great reviews makes me want to write another one. I keep telling myself that the next book is going to be the big seller. Think positive!

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C.R. Moss

My level on how well I deal—let it roll off, get angry, get down, etc.—depends upon the set-back, but I usually have a good talk with my author friends and/or hubby who help me to find solutions and feel better about what’s going on.
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Mariposa Cruz

One thing that helps me keep perspective is realizing that having to cope with a set-back is better than doing nothing at all. While doing nothing is “failure-free” it is also incredibly boring. Even if it seems like all you’re doing is collecting rejection emails, you are still ahead of the guy with a mind full of stories and nothing on paper.

Readers what is your best coping strategy?


  1. Ladies, Tough subject to talk about, but you've both handled it well. Thanks for joining me here today!

  2. Thanks for having me, Mariposa. I agree with C.R., talking with other authors who can relate helps!

  3. Setbacks are so tough! If it's a rejection letter, I used to collect them as badges of honor. Now I've gone indie, so I don't get those anymore. But reviews can be tough. Even the best authors get some bad ones. (Please explain why someone who never reads romance feels compelled to complain to the world that your romance novel has romance in it?)

    Taking a day (or a week) away from a daunting project is also helpful. It puts things in perspective. I do this with edits. I always need a few days before I can dive back into the book. :-)

    Lovely blog.


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