Writers Round Table

How do you manage your different writing tasks (research, writing, promo, editing)?
I like to say that I write every day, or spend time every day doing a writing-related task, such as editing. But during the preparation of Calin’s Cowboy, I had to take breaks and ended up working on other projects or sitting in the corner with my knitting, rocking to and fro. LOL! It was a big job!
It is very hard for me to write and promote on the same day, as it turns out, so I have had to modify my schedule a bit. On the days I do a lot of promotion, I cannot write until bedtime. On days I do a lot of writing, I don’t even read email. I used to be a lot better at multitasking.
Editing is the biggest challenge for me. By the time I begin implementing my editor’s and readers’ suggestions, I have already done two or three rewrites and edits myself. It takes a huge effort to sit down and work on it again. But once I start, I am pleased when my book draws me back in and I get all excited about it once more. It’s just sitting down in front of the screen and committing to three or four hours of difficult work that is the hardest part.
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It may not seem like it, but my stories take years to finish. I usually have about a dozen WIPs queued up, but due to time constraints lately I focus on one at a time rather than switching between. Every story requires some research, whether setting or background, and I can get a bit carried away. I love learning and exploring, everything from mythological characters to a place I’ve never visited. I’ve been known to send away for vistitor’s guides from such places, and then of course I want to visit in person!

Mariposa Cruz:
I have to admit I’m still working on the “managing” part. Like Cate, I focus on one WIP at a time.  I work on my blogs and promo at night during the week, so I can work on my book on the weekends.  Since long uninterrupted blocks of time are a rare in my life, I try to break tasks into smaller portions (write/format the post today, upload for posting tomorrow).  


  1. It is always informative to have a behind the scene look at how other writers work. Great post ladies!

  2. True, Mariposa! Nice to know I'm not the only one struggling to balance. :)
    I have trouble letting go of revisions, Regina. Even after it's published, I find things I want to change.
    Thanks for the roundtable session, Mariposa!

  3. Multi-tasking isn't easy. Right now (when I should be writing) I'm checking loops and commenting on blogs. Keeping up with promo is time consuming but necessary. My key to writing lately is a notebook away from the internet!

  4. Jannine,
    Promo is necessary and always takes longer than you expect. I tend to "wander" onto blogs and websites even when I'm just checking email. My new rule is WIP first, then Internet. Thanks for stopping by.


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