Classic Horror Movie Reviews-Bloodlust

“Maniac hunts humans in a jungle hell!” Tagline

Four teenagers sail to what appears to be deserted tropical island.  They soon discover the island is owned by Dr. Balleau who has tired of importing big game to his island opting to hunt humans instead.   What starts as a light-hearted search for pirate treasure ends up as a desperate race for survival.  The film is considered a loose adaptation of Richard Connell’s 1924 short story “The Most Dangerous Game”.

The four teens are stock fright flick teen characters jock, glam gal, nerd and sporty girl. The Jock is portrayed by buff Robert Reed in his pre-Brady Bunch days. Glam gal happens to have a couple of judo moves which happens to turn (or flip) the situation in her favor later on in the film. 

Like most villains of classic horror, Dr. Albert Balleau is elegant and sinister.  Typical to form, he is ruthless without mercy yet never rude.  And you have to applaud his sense of style-- his henchmen are decked out in French sailor outfits with striped shirts and jaunty scarfs. 

Bloodlust will be appreciated by drive-in movie aficionados and grown-up Scooby Doo fans.  At 68 minutes there is still plenty of time to watch a Bella Lugosi flick and make it a double feature.
1961 B&W


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