Author Interview-Sandie La Nae

We had so much fun when psychic and paranormal investigator,  Sandie La Nae, visited last year, I've invited her back to chat about her latest book.

What draws you to investigate a particular location?
 There are many factors about the draw to particular locations with our paranormal team.

1. History. Historical places are always quite fascinating to investigate. You never know who you’ll find in an age old building or space.

2. Personal requests. Many of our cliental ask us to investigate their home, office, basement, attic, barn, an abandoned dwelling on their property, etc. Once word gets around about what we do….

3. Referrals…..others are very likely to contact us as they trust the referring party’s judgment of our investigative team.

4. Our interest. We have enquired at many locations the desire to investigate, which the owner of the building has been more than obliging.

5. Museums and Antique Stores: These places are full of spirits. Many people who have crossed over just don’t want to ‘leave’ a treasured item. So, they stay with it. If you don’t have a particular building to investigate, antique stores and museums offer a surplus of very interesting investigative opportunities.

6. Churches and Hospitals. Here again, these places have plenty of spirits to investigate. Churches once offered guidance, comfort and safety to a living being. Hospitals offered help, health and recovery. Both bring forth beginning and ending of life – in their own respective realms. Many of those who have crossed over stay in either place to continuously feel the comfort or good health.
Too, hospitals do have their own reasons for spirits to remain, which are reason enough for investigations, especially abandoned hospitals, institutions or asylums.

The list can go on and on, actually.

Tell us more about your latest book, The Dake House.
 I met the owner of the building in 2001 and have had a wonderful journey since learning about this notable dwelling that is on the National Registration of Historic Places list. It was built by Charles W. Dake – the one and only undertaker of Genoa, (the first settlement in Nevada) in 1872. In 1909 it was sold to Theodore P. Hawkins – once relief rider for the Pony Express. Purchased and restored by the owner’s parents in the 1960s, the family then experienced much spirit activity inside the house, now an Antique Store (featuring items of the time period when the home was built.)

One occurrence was the haunting of a large painting of pink roses in a vase on a table. When a buyer showed interest, the painting would drop off the wall (once almost causing a fire) or would completely disappear. Of course, this prevented any sales.
This painting happens to be globally known as it was featured by numerous regional media as well as reported on in many countries.

The history, the hauntings and spirit activity –all keen interests to me – brought forth my desire to write a book, which covers the building’s past and paranormal happenings. The Dake House was an important part of Genoa’s beginnings and I was honored to be the author to write the story of this historic structure.
 It is titled “The Victorian Past and Haunted Present of the Dake House.”

What is one of the more unexpected places that you discovered psychic activity?
I have to be honest and say that due to my abilities (I am a psychic and also can see those who are deceased) that not many places surprise me with their psychic or spirit activity. No matter where I go, into any old or new building, I see those who have crossed over that are still ‘residing’ in that particular structure.
    I have though, experienced a few locations which contain entities that are not considered spirits or ghosts. Seeing these beings are unnervingly unexpected, and potentially dangerous, so I try to usher my team members out of that room or building for all of our safety sake. There are certain energies in this world that are best left alone, and although they do alarm me, I am glad my abilities let me notice them so we can vacate any premises where our safety could be compromised. Ghost hunting is for data gathering, for honing abilities, for fun, not injury and terror.

Anything you’d like to add?
You can purchase the Dake House book, and many others that I have written via my website, Many of my books are also on Amazon Kindle under author
 Sandie La Nae.
Thank you so much for this opportunity to be a part of your wonderful blog site.


  1. Sandie,
    Ghosts and history have always fascinated me. Thanks for joining us today and telling us more about your work and latest book!

  2. Great interview! I have no personal experience with ghosts, but I love ghost stories. My latest release is a ghost story - my first attempt at writing one. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  3. Great post. I love reading about ghost stories and haunted place. Thanks for sharing!!


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