Author Interview-Debra L. Martin/Debra Elizabeth

What inspired you to become a writer?
I’ve always loved to write, but it wasn’t until 2006 when I got serious about it. That was the year that my brother and I decided to try our hand at writing our own fantasy. We were talking about different books and the plot holes that we’d found in a particular book. It was funny, but we both said, “We could write a better book.” Our first collaboration was QUEST FOR NOBILITY and it was definitely a learning experience learning to craft a story, but it was so much fun. We have written 4 novels together to date and are working on a sequel in our “Witch Stone Prophecy” series.

In 2011 I penned my first romance, LOVE BY SECRETS. Because my other books were fantasy, I write romance under my pen name, Debra Elizabeth. I just released book 2 in my “Age of Innocence” series, LOVE BY DECEPTION. I’m also working on the 3rd book, DARE TO LOVE A SPY.

Who are your favorite romance characters (besides your own?)
That would be Mr. Darcy from PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. There is something about the strong silent type hero that gets me every time.

Tell me what inspired this story.
I love the Regency period and I wanted to write a story from the perspective of a young woman who believed one thing all of her life and then suddenly she’s thrust into a whole different world. Isabel Knott is that heroine.

How do you balance your day-to-day commitments with your writing life?
As with most authors, I work full-time so finding time to write is a constant battle. I get most of my writing done on the weekend and sometimes during lunch hour, but it’s hard to switch on that creative switch sometime. And, of course, I hate to be right in the middle of a scene when it’s time to go back to work. I find that more frustrating than not writing at all. My brother also works full-time so it takes us almost a year to put out a story.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
I also blog at Two Ends of the Pen about writing, offering author interviews, new release posts and book reviews. All of my books (fantasy and romance) are listed under their own tabs at the blog.

Genre: Regency Romance
Price: $2.99

Content with her life as a lady's maid, Isabel Knott learns the father she never knew has left her a fortune. The news comes with one restriction--she can never reveal his name. Isabel falls in love with Colby Tisbury, but with her nonexistent pedigree his father, Lord Tisbury, will never accept her as his daughter-in-law.

Colby Tisbury must marry, and soon. If he doesn't find a bride before the end of the Season, his father will supply one. Then Colby meets sassy Isabel Knott, and everything changes--but can he go against his father's wishes and marry a girl utterly lacking in family and connections? Isabel is forced to make an impossible choice - reveal her secret identity and bring shame to her true father or lose Colby forever. 

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  1. Debra,
    As a full time paralegal I've found working and writing is a tough balancing act (that's why I always ask other writers how they do it). It's clear with your range of titles that your persistence has paid off! Thanks for joining us today.


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