Author Interview-Veronica Wilde

 Thirteen years ago a graduation party went tragically wrong, changing a small Southern town forever. Now every spring, vengeful teenage ghosts unleash a murderous vendetta that no one can stop.

Sutton Pierce, a handsome bisexual novelist with a broken heart, is new in town. All he wants is a secluded place to write his next book and forget the smolderingly sexy boyfriend who betrayed him. He’s not prepared for a spooky onset of hauntings – and he’s certainly not prepared for his fierce attraction to Hadley Barnes, a ghost-hunting bartender beautiful enough to heal his heart and dangerous enough to break it again.
Their fiery love turns complicated when Sutton’s gorgeous ex tracks them down and stirs up illicit passions none of them know how to handle. When their combustible mix of jealousy and lust ignite, a three-way love affair begins that is as intoxicating as it is scandalous. But their happiness is short-lived when the ghosts’ murderous agenda sets its sights on them.

What inspired you to become a writer?
I just always knew. I read constantly and was always making up stories in my head when I was little. I wrote my first short story when I was 7 and my first novel when I was in high school.
Who are your favorite romance characters (besides your own?)
Morgaine and Lancelot from Mists of Avalon – I always wanted them to get together. I love that book because the characters feel so real.
I’d also have to say Lili and Elic/Elle from Louisa Burton’s Hidden Grotto series. She’s a beautiful succubus and he/she is a supernatural being who shifts between male and female. They’re in love with each other but their supernatural natures drive them to continually seduce new humans. I adore this series and they are among the best romantic and erotic characters I’ve ever read.
Tell me what inspired this story.
My fear of ghosts! I grew up in a somewhat haunted house and was always fascinated by ghosts even though I was afraid of them. I started writing a lot of ghost stories since they were fueled by both the fear and the fascination.
Southern Gothic is about a small Southern town where a bunch of high school kids drowned in a tragic accident, and now they keep coming back every year on the anniversary of their death and trying to drown their classmates who left them to die. It’s based on the most terrifying aspect of a ghost – you can’t escape them. You can lock a human out of your house, but a ghost can appear anywhere.
The love triangle in the book was inspired by, well, my general interest in MMF, ha ha. When I wrote this book, I was always reading stories where the two guys were totally focused on the girl and never on each other. There’s a place for that, but I always wanted to read about 2 men who were hot for each other as well. That inspired this story.
What is one of your favorite romantic locales?
I love Charleston, South Carolina and I love Quebec City, especially in the winter. Charleston has this lush antebellum beauty that never stops inspiring me, while Quebec City has this Old World wintry charm that makes it the perfect destination for a romantic winter weekend away. 
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
I have a few stories coming out soon – one is called The Last Day of Summer, about a bisexual woman whose girlfriend and boyfriend find out about each other and turn the tables on her, and then a paranormal story called Heartless. That’s a modern retelling of the Snow Queen fairytale – in my story, she’s a dominatrix-succubus who owns a BDSM nightclub and seduces a beautiful surfer boy away from his girlfriend. Obviously the girlfriend doesn’t take this sitting down and fights back the only away you can against a beautiful supernatural goddess. I’ll post more about them on my site at
If anyone wants to check out Southern Gothic, it’s at:
Thanks for reading!

Readers, Veronica also has a sexy short, One Hot Wet Night, in the Cleis Press anthology, XOXO Sweet andSexy Romance.


  1. Readers,
    Veronica's One Hot Wet Night, is a sizzling read, perfect for the end of summer.
    I love ghost stories too. Thanks so much for joining us today!


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