Ladies Man-Available as a Pre-Order from Amazon

The release date is set for October 27th, but I'm excited to report that Ladies Man is available as a pre-order on Amazon. My second title in the Rhythm & Romance series and it's all about West Coast Swing.

Ladies Man

Clark Stevens has always had a way with women, but his teenage daughter despises him.  When his daughter comes to live with him fulltime, he enlists co-worker, Julie Wahl, to coach him on parenting skills.

As a single mom and paralegal, Julie Wahl, has successfully balanced family, work and swing dancing. After heartbreak on the dance floor, the last thing Julie needs is an office romance.  But she can hardly say no to a colleague in need, especially one with dark brown eyes and a killer grin.

Didn't Harris Channing do an amazing job with the cover! More in the weeks to follow.


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