Author Interview-Sandie La Nae

How did you become involved in this line of work?
 I was blessed since birth with Psychic awareness. Throughout my life I have had visions of what was to come. I devised a fun method of giving intuitive Readings by using stones: jaspers, quartz, agates, etc. and have read publicly since 1984.
 One of my extra psychic gifts is the ability to see those who are deceased.  During my life I've been requested to communicate with those on the other side, but I started to publically advertise this ability just a few years ago.  Now, many clients are those who would like a communication Reading, or, Spirit Reading with a loved one on the other side.
 Because of being a psychic and spirit communicator, in 2005 I was asked to join a brand new Paranormal Investigative team, Thin Veil Investigators. Being able to see the spirits is a nice edge for our team as then we can communicate with a particular ghost in a certain building.
 Our team members are psychics and sensitives and so we all have our special ways of knowing where a spirit is. But it is fun for me to be able to see a ghost as they were while amongst the living. I see them just as if I were seeing a live person: clothing, hair styles, facial features, etc.

Is psychic ability a trait that is underdeveloped in most people or is it simply a rare trait?
I believe that each person has a psychic trait/ability within them. Some, like myself, hone the gift to the use in helping others. Some may be very aware of their gift, but don't want to or like to use it, as it may be an annoyance or is fearful for them. Some feel they don't have any ability at all.
But, I believe that at particular times in our lives we have all felt just what psychic ability is: we knew who was going to call on the phone, or sensed when Uncle George passed away, or had a hunch that we would win a prize.

You use stones and crystals in your readings, could you tell us more about how they're used?
 I have 117 stones (and a couple of earth's elements such as a sea shell, feather and Manzanita stick). They are "programmed" with their own, general, meaning. For example, if you chose my finance stone, I then intuit from your energies that you will be receiving a nice raise at work, or,  you might want to stop gambling because bills are over due. The stones give me an idea of what the client is asking about/looking for. I then speak of what is in their present time frame or future dates in regards to those concerns.
  I also listen to what messages their Spirit Guides want me to relay about other factors in their life.

For an intuitive Reading, I ask my client to choose a certain amount of stones. (4, for a Mini Reading. 9, for a Full Reading.) They pick the stones that appeal to them and lay them down in any manner on a mat before them. Stone placement is another factor in how I intuit the stones. For example, if a client puts the stones in a straight line, I know they are on a special life journey and speak to them of future happenings. If they form a square with the stones, I know they feel trapped or boxed in, and then offer guidance on how to break free of those barriers.
  I strive to give encouraging and helpful Readings. I don’t believe in scaring a client. If there is an unpleasant situation coming up, I speak of it in a way to make you aware, and also relay that if you so choose, you need not have it in your life. I feel if you know of a situation – good or bad -  you can embrace it or make sure it stays away. The options are up to you.

Are certain locations more prone to being haunted than others?
 The consensus believes that a particular older building which has more history than a newer structure, houses more spirits that can/usually 'live' within.
 But, I've been in brand new buildings and discovered many spirits residing already. Perhaps ghosts from a building that once stood on that spot move into their new digs. I've discovered accidental deaths happened at a site where a new structure was built which led to hauntings. I've seen spirits in a new office building due to a fatal accident that occurred on the street right outside the doors. Many scenarios can lead to new buildings being just as haunted as the older dwellings.
  Also, I believe that the land surrounding a building has a lot to do with hauntings. Many things: accidents, cruelty, deaths, war, etc., which happened around a building can lend to a structure, or land, being haunted.
  I have been asked to investigate several pieces of property that are reported to be haunted. Researching the land, it was discovered horrendous acts were taken place there. Atrocious attitudes or severe fear can also contribute to the hauntings of property. Those are negative energies, which, negative spirits like to thrive in.
   Mother earth herself with earthquakes and volcano's and such can create unbalanced energies at a particular place(s), where then, I believe, negative forces can reside, thus creating haunted pieces of land.

Tell us more about your "Thin Veil Investigations" Book
 I was co-host of an online radio show called "Notes From A Ghost Writer." My co-host and producer suggested that I write a book about Thin Veiler's paranormal investigations, as, we had talked about many of our team's experiences on the show.
  This is my first book, published in 2007, and I'm very proud to share with those interested twenty-seven stories of our team's first investigations together which we experienced in the northern Nevada area. These stories are our reports turned story form. Also scripted are many of our spirit communications with a particular spirit at a certain place, and pictures that we have captured of the ghosts we encountered.

Is there anything you'd like to add?
I co-authored a book with renowned and pioneer paranormal investigator Richard Senate. The book is titled "Silver Ghosts Haunted Places and Phantom Encounters in Northern Nevada."  Like the Thin Veil Investigation's book, this has forty-four stories of haunted places we have investigated around the northern Nevada region.

Our ghost hunting team presents "Back To Basics of Paranormal Investigations 101" classes, which I have written a text book entitled "A Ghost Hunter's Guide Book." Inside are lots of tips, how-to's and information for the beginner ghost hunter, as well as the experienced investigator.

I have a website where all my Reading stones can be viewed, and a stone or spirit Reading can be purchased. Also, the site has pages with information, articles, photos, EVP and videos about some of Thin Veil Investigators’ investigations.  My books can be purchased there and also items from my online metaphysical store: Sandie’s Psychic STUFF. The URL for the website is:


  1. Sandie,
    While spirits and other psychic phenomenon are often discussed, there is still so much not understood. Thanks for joining us today and providing a broader perspective on this fascinating subject!

  2. Sandie and Mariposa,

    Interesting post!

    I'll have to check out your website. I'm intrigued how you utilize stones for your readings. I know you said you were born with the ability of sensing the spirit world, but how old were you when you realized not everyone could see what you did?

    You mentioned you could see the dead as they must have looked while alive. Do they appear solid to you? Or do you have a vision?

  3. Hi, Mariposa! I'm late as usual! Very interesting blog today. Sandie, I loved reading about your process as you read people via stones, etc. I would also repeat Karen's question, about in what form the departed appear to you. :-)

    Fascinating stuff.

  4. I've never communicated with anyone from the other side, but my husband and I both seem to have a lot of visitors. I will occasionally walk into my bedroom and smell flowers. Different flowers at different times. My husband gets coins. Lots and lots of coins. Several times, I've gone into his room to wake him up and found coins scattered around him on his bed. Usually they're on the floor.

  5. Karen,
    Know this season has been keeping you busy. Thanks for stopping by.

    I agree the use of stones for readings is interesting and the story they tell about an individual.

    I've heard of spiritual presences evoking certain scents. As varied as human experience is, it makes sense that the spiritual realm would be varied in its manifestations as well. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  6. Hello all, thank you so much for your wonderful comments. Am trying to figure out how to reply to your posts.

  7. Yeah! I figured out how to post.
    Mariposa, thank you for the wonderful opportunity to speak of my work. It has been a fun life with meeting many people and sharing what I do and know and helping all that I can.

  8. Hi Karen,
    You know, I thought everyone had the ability to know the future...I never questioned it at all. I was in art class in 7th grade, started talking about something and the kids and teacher looked at me like I belonged in Belleview. It was then...what...13 years old...that I realized that not everyone had the ability to know what is on the horizon.
    Yes, some times I can see the spirits like I'm looking at a live person. Sometimes, I 'see' them like remembering someone. For example: If you see a particular person today, you'll remember they were wearing jeans and a yellow t-shirt. You might not remember what was in the environment, but you'll remember clothing, hair style, perhaps jewelry. For me at time, it is like I remember them.
    Thank you for the wonderful comment and for your interest. In advance, thank you for looking at my website. That is very nice of you to do.

  9. Hi Regina,
    Thank you for the wonderful comment. I do love my Reading stones. They have been my best friends for almost 30 years. As a piece of trivia, I have a 'secret stone.' I know when a client chooses that, they probably won't believe me or believe in me. It is a cue to me that I will have start off the Reading with a very strong vision, so it will pique their interest for the rest of the Reading to go well.

  10. Hi Sandra, Thank you for the nice post. I so love the coins around your husband! Those are called "Apports." They are gifts from the other side...such as feathers, bits of paper, etc. Did your husband have a relative that collcted or minted coins? Work in a bank or with metals? If so, that is the person who is saying 'hello.'
    The same with the fragarance you smell. It sounds like a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister or female relative is saying hi to you.
    How fun!! How exciting!!
    If you feel comfortable with this, ask the spirit who it is. Perhaps in answer a book will fall off the shelf...a personal favorite of Grandma's, or, during a tv commercial a business will advertise it's coin collections and that was the place Uncle George bought and sold coins and stamps. Be aware of any 'message' or 'sign.' The spirits talk to us all the time, we just have to be aware of how they answer.

  11. I would like to take this time and apologize to all of you about not using the "Reply" button to your individual posts. For some reason, that function is not working for me.
    Thank you for your understanding.


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