Author Interview-Sarah Grimm

What inspired you to become a writer?
My overactive imagination? The voices in my head? Honestly, I’m not certain I can pin down exactly what got me interested in writing, as it seems like I’ve been writing since I was in utero. Okay, so maybe that’s a stretch, but I know I’ve been reading and writing since the age of five, when my older sister taught me to read and write.
If I were to hazard a guess, I would have to say my love of reading is what got me interested in writing. I’ve never been able to read a book without picking out parts that I would have written differently, or without rewriting the ending in my head.
Who are your favorite romance characters (besides your own?)
The hero and heroine of whatever I’m currently reading.  I get sucked into the story – falling a little bit in love with the hero along the way – and up until I close the book on their happily-ever-after, they are my favorite romance characters.
Tell me what inspired this story.
Teenage fantasies about meeting and marrying a rock star, combined with the maturity to know that a twenty-something musician is not happily-ever-after material. Add to that the picture in my mind of a woman alone in a bar, playing the piano. That picture spawned a series of 'what if' questions which led to After Midnight.
How do you balance your day-to-day commitments with your writing life?
Balance? What’s that? LOL  Lately, I've been putting in 55+ hour weeks at the day job, and then coming home to help with bookkeeping and invoicing for my husband's business, so balance is not something I’m very familiar with. However, both my husband's business and my day job are seasonal, so once the snow flies, which in Michigan can be as early as October, I'll have a lot more time to write.
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers? 
She wants to forget her past. 
He wants to reclaim his
Sometimes the moment that changes everything comes After Midnight.
AFTER MIDNIGHT is a story that is near and dear to me. The story of Isabeau, owner of Izzy’s Bar, child prodigy, piano phenom—a woman who is hiding behind a lie of her own making. Here is the official blurb:
Thirteen years—that's how long Isabeau Montgomery has been living a lie. After an automobile accident took her mother's life, Izzy hid herself away, surviving the only way she knew how. Now she is happy in her carefully reconstructed life. That is until he walks through the door of her bar...
Black Phoenix singer/front man Noah Clark came to Long Island City with a goal—one that doesn't include an instant, electric attraction to the dark-haired beauty behind the bar. Coaxing her into his bed won't be easy, but he can't get her pale, haunted eyes nor her skill on the piano out of his head.

Can Noah help Isabeau overcome the past? Or will her need to protect her secret force her back into hiding and destroy their chance at happiness?
Buy After Midnight here:
The Wild Rose Press (

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  1. Sarah,
    After midnight isn't that the time when everything happens? Great title! Thanks so much for joining us today.

  2. Hi Sarah and Mariposa!

    Enjoyed the post and learning a little more about you, Sarah. I really enjoyed your story "Not Without Risk". I'll have to add this one to my 'to read pile' too. :)

    1. Thanks, Karen! I hope you enjoy After Midnight.

  3. Hi Karen,
    Know you've been busy with all the Wicked Haunt-O-Ween festivities. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. This is still one of my all time fave stories, Sarah!

  5. Lovely interview! Nice to meet you, Sarah! :-) Your covers are lovely. I'll have to make time for this one! :-)


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