Classic Horror Movie Reviews-Mad Monster Party? (1967)

Tagline: “At long last a motion picture with absolutely no cultural value”

This theatrical feature is brought to you by Rankin/Bass, best known for their children’s holiday specials.  While intended for a young audience, MMP is no Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, opening with an atomic blast and punctuated with adult humor. The movie features the voice talents of Boris Karloff (Mad Scientist, Boris von Frankenstein) and Phyllis Diller (the monster’s mate).

Having invented a potion of ultimate destruction, Baron Boris von Frankenstein invites all the monsters to a party on the Isle of Evil to celebrate his achievement.  The guest list is an impressive line-up of classic movie monsters including the Wolfman, the Mummy, the Invisible Man and Dracula.  

 He confides to his voluptuous assistant, Francesca his plans to retire and leave the business to his nephew, Felix Franken.  Francesca wants to take over evil empire herself and plots to get rid of the nerdy nephew.  Her plans backfire resulting in Felix rescuing her and they fall in love.

The movie is filmed using a stop motion process and includes several musical numbers, including a mod-skeleton band (Little Tibia and the Fibias) and a tap-dancing vampire.  Mad Monster Party provides nostalgic fun for fans of campy monster movie humor. 


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